Essay on Improving The Child Protective Services

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Introduction Having such opportunity to be endowed with a million dollars to develop ideas on how to improve the Child Protective Services place me in a position where I am deliberating very hard on the programs or policies to implement. There are several programs and policies that are implemented in the Child Protective Services for clients and it is important to take into consideration the programs and policies by developing efficient and reliable platform that will be beneficial to the population they serve. I will certainly, invest some of the resources on the already existed programs of the Child Protective Services and research on new ideas that could help with their programs.

Employing additional CPS workers and providing proper training Child Protective Services workers are constantly needed due to the workload they have on various cases and the deadline in completing tasks and because of this they may be under pressure that they may ignore some of signs or needs of families. Child welfare agencies should provide the needed resources and support that will help in retaining their workers by developing a forums where the CPS staffs can discuss their renovating ideas and concerns about how they feel working with the agency. This information can assist the agency in taking into fact some of the issues they have ignored and learn how to recollect their steps in providing the support the CPS staffs needs in performing their duty and with this more staff…

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