Improving The Career Of Your Dreams Essay

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From the early stages of our lives, we are taught necessary attributes to ultimately do one thing, work. We are able to receive the necessary education to achieve the career that we are the most passionate about and would enjoy the most. Despite landing the career of your dreams, poor experiences regarding work, power, and the workplace can still happen. An example of this abuse occurred with a friend of mine whose name, for privacy, is going to be Jane. Though she did not have the career of her dreams, Jane still had a job in the kitchen of high school. She worked with three other women that had all been working at the school for a fair amount of years. As time went on, one of the women that held a higher position of authority started to take advantage of Jane. She would do less of her work and go commence with fellow faculty members. Being the good person that Jane is, she would then do extra work to ensure everything was prepared for the next day. This pattern continued until Jane became so intolerant with the behavior she consoled with her boss. Unfortunately, her boss was good friends with the employee that was not doing her job, so nothing was ever done about the poor behavior of her fellow co-worker. Jane was then forced to take on more physical labor and spend even more time away from her four children. Because the co-worker had close ties with the person in power, she was able to abuse my friend Jane. I reexamined this example with a more…

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