Improving Students Via Mobile Device Is Not Rare Any More Other

729 Words May 5th, 2016 3 Pages
Firstly, the using of technology in foundation education in schools is not rare any more. Those learning technology divided in two parts, personalized learning and learning analytic. Nowadays, students in different countries different area can have same knowledge; by using learning management system, mobile device, app, social media tools, online system, and school can use differentiated methods to teaching. A research shows that several Australia and oversea students of all level enjoy learning with technology. In US a program named Project Tomorrow, the teacher and students communicate almost via online email. Not only put out school work and online communicate one by one, but also students can access to get document and get their own feedback, which mean the student could get individual analyze. The schools which take part in project tomorrow shows that 52% of students in middle school like use technology to study and 46% parents who complete project agree school to manage students via mobile device to provide a way for personalizing school education, there are also 48% parents believe that technology could extending learning beyond school day. Besides, personalized learning and learning analytic are also respected by schools. A research shows that game can attract more attention from children and easily to set a goal, therefore a school in US prefers to use game to achieve learning goal and get data from each “playing”. From testing, teacher found that it is difficult to…

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