Improving Student Success At Mclennan Community College Essay

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Efficiently Finding Student Success
School systems directly reflect how successful students are. From kindergarten until fourth grade, I attended large public schools, and I performed poorly in all of them. I was placed into learning support services that would clarify new concepts and reduce the amount of class work given to me. However, it did little to help me, and after fourth grade I attended High Point Academy, a charter school that changed me entirely. During the first month of fifth grade, reading assignments were given to me, which I got no help on. For the first time I could think on my own, and I was passing with perfect scores; my teachers took notice and placed me in advanced classes. Taking advanced reading let me think critically about an argument and craft my own thoughts. This inspired me to love learning. From fifth grade to a current freshman at McLennan Community College (MCC), I have been an avid learner because I went to High Point Academy. The charter school experience allowed me to learn without being told how to think; my teachers ultimately pushed me to become a better student. Reflecting on this, I see students who need the same change of environment at MCC so they can be successful; however, many students cannot quit MCC because they have invested their time. In order to allow students the best opportunity for success, MCC needs to redesign their fundamentals in several specific areas according to 10 randomly picked student survey respondents.…

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