Improving Quality Healthcare Care Act Essays

1496 Words Apr 29th, 2016 null Page
Ensuring quality healthcare to all Americans is of the utmost importance if we are to ensure the continued prosperity of our nation. Unfortunately, under the Affordable Care Act, a number of flaws exist that prevent both ease of access and affordability to medical care. This is especially true for the middle and lower classes as well as racial minorities. While a number of individuals that were previously uninsured are now covered under the law, affordability and accessibility have suffered drastically. In order for significant change to occur, a policy window must occur similar to that of the window that was created by the convergence of a Democratic administration, the problem of uninsured Americans, and the solution of universally mandated healthcare.
In light of the numerous inadequacies that are present in the current policy, it is recommended that policy alternatives be pursued. More specifically, a universal system in which healthcare is provided rather than mandated. In such a system, the systemic inequities that are rampant throughout the ACA would effectively be eliminated. Creation of such a policy would allow for the elimination of uninsured Americans and ensure that all citizens are have affordable and accessible services. Instead of viewing healthcare as a privilege, it should instead be viewed as the right of every citizen within the borders of the United States of America. A nation founded on the principle of pursuing life, liberty, and the pursuit of…

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