Improving Public Health And Disease Prevention Essay

1402 Words Sep 3rd, 2016 null Page
Fifth, improving public health and disease prevention. A fundamental component of ongoing healthcare reform efforts must center on creating a system that improves health and promotes healthy behaviors, beyond just diagnosing and treating disease. Chronic disease affects health and quality of life, but it is also a major driver of health care costs and has a related impact on businesses. It is estimated that nearly half of all American suffer from at least one of the top chronic diseases, heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes (NACDD, 2016). Preventing people from getting sick in the first place takes a lot of work. Proven community prevention programs are one tool in the disease prevention arsenal. Successful strategies include improving access to, and safety of, sidewalks and parks for walking, biking, and other types of activity, and making information about healthy lifestyles easily available. People who engage in these types of programs can lower their risk of developing conditions like obesity and high cholesterol. The key to making progress in prevention and chronic disease control are comprehensive and requires more than occasional, individual visits to a primary care physician; it requires population-based public health strategies to reach people at work, school, and in their communities. Therefore, investment needs to be such that every state has a full complement of evidenced-based programs to promote health and…

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