Improving Positive Changes And Increase Staff Morale Essay examples

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In order to address a staff that suffers from division and a reluctance toward change I would instate four resources to start promoting positive changes and to increase staff morale. The first resource that I would introduce is instating a leadership team, including myself, within the building. The team would include two current teachers per grade level and would span a wide variety of content areas. By utilizing this human resource it will allow for communication between the staff and myself to flourish. Teachers can bring concerns or questions to the team leaders which will be directly presented to me to address and will allow for constructive, tough discussions to occur. This will foster a better relationship between the staff and administration while garnering new leaders within the building. According to an article titled, “The School Principal as Leader,” it states that, “the researchers say, “When principals and teachers share leadership, teachers’ working relationships with one another are stronger and student achievement is higher”” (11). This shows the importance of establishing such a resource within the school because it will help to directly address the staff morale issue and may result in students being more successful which is the ultimate goal. Another resource that I would bring into the school is a set of physical resources. I would work to make the building aesthetically pleasing with an emphasis on presenting student work. By displaying pictures…

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