Essay about Improving Performance ( Mendiguchia Et Al

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It is surprising to know that flexibility of hamstring do more evidence in improving performance (Mendiguchia et al, 2014) rather than as a strong predictor to prevent a hamstring injury. Current evidences have recognized eccentric strengthening exercises that moving throughout a hamstring muscle length is more efficacious in stimulating adequate adaptation to loading and accelerating time to return to play compared to flexibility or stretching exercise alone (Opar et al, 2015). Specifically, Askling et al (2013) conducted an identical study in acute Swedish elite footballers and the result showed that a rehabilitation protocol focusing mainly on lengthening type of exercises is more effective than a conventional protocol (stretching and isometric exercise) in promoting early return to play after an acute hamstring injury. The most impressive characteristics of the lengthening type-protocol were the progressive attempts to optimize dynamic eccentric lengthening load on the hamstrings, using exercises called The Diver, The Glider and The Extender. As a result, the time to return to play was much earlier for the soccer players in the lengthening-protocol compared to the conventional-protocol group. On this basis, they had proposed that RHI rehabilitation protocols should be in combination of eccentric strength and flexibility exercises that mainly involve training with substantial loads along muscle–tendon lengths. In other word, an appropriate and timely progression of…

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