Improving Our Lifestyles And Education Essay

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This semester we have been talking about many issues in developing countries and ways to fix them. Poverty, Climate change, Deforestation, Child Mortality are just a few of these issues. We learned about Mexico’s huge deforestation problem and that is having an enormous effect on the people living in the area. As well as, how Microcredit is being used in developing countries in the Latin American, sub-Saharan Africa and Asian regions to give people a better chance to improve themselves financially. At same time, countries in Africa are experiencing a lot of these problems like child mortality, protecting themselves from diseases like Cholera, AIDS, Malaria, Ebola, poverty and many more.
In order to fix these issues we need to make sure that every citizen has some type of education on sanitation, child development, health care and family planning. Education has always been such an important in history. From the beginning of time we have tried to come up with new ways to improve our lifestyles and education plays a major role in this. We have seen how education can do so much for people in developing countries. In the country of Colombia there are people in poverty with no education whatsoever.
Colombia has had a rough time this past decades from terrorist groups, viruses, corruption, illegal drug trades and that is just a few examples. Many people know Colombia as the land of Coffee and Cocaine but Colombia is so much more than that. Colombia is home to part of the biggest…

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