Improving Organization Retention Essay

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Improving organization retention
Mhammed Benhaddouch
February 10, 2011
Willetra Brittian

Improving organization retention
JC’s casino is one of the best attractions in the San Diego area. The casino is a full service resort with an upscale casino. Several government agencies recognized JC’s as a friendly and supportive work environment. JC’s casino offers an equal opportunity work environment with excellent wages, generous benefits, and dedication to career advancement and enhancement. Recently JC’s management contracted an independent consultant to help with retention and employment issues. The consultant in this essay will address the problem by pinpointing all the issues and occupational stressors. Make recommendations
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The department of housekeeping suffers also from a high rate of unjustified employee absenteeism, high turnovers of rooms and staffing shortages.
The consultant first action is to introduce new work motivation strategies to help improve employee recruitment and retention at JC’s. Motivation is the art of encouraging employees to achieve goals. All work motivation theories deals with two different types of causes, exogenous, and endogenous. In JC’s case, both exogenous and endogenous causes exist and that is why the consultant decided to implement the incentive reward theory as well as the goal setting strategy to improve employee recruitment and retention. The incentive theory consists of rewarding employees in recognition of a better job performance or achievement. There are different types of incentives: monetary incentives, which in this case can be in the form of pay raise or bonus to reward a person or a team for an outstanding achievement. There are also the non-monetary incentives, and this type of incentives includes the job security (Advancing employee productivity, 2010), which is considered the best motivation an employee can ask for. A secured job boosts employees’ morale and helps them give their best efforts to achieve the objectives of the organization. JC’s employees lack recognition for their efforts, which is why the praise of recognition comes in play to satisfy the ego needs of employees. The consultant noticed the lack of organization in

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