Improving Organization Retention Paper

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Improving organization retention
In the past few years the state of Pennsylvania has made an effort to boot their economy by allowing gambling. One of the casinos that have made an impact is JC’s Casino and Resort. This establishment is state of the art in all aspects. It follows all state and federal laws, including being an equal opportunity employer, excellent wage rates, benefits, and has a great reputation for career advancement. However, over the past several months JC’s has had issues with employee retention with dealers and housekeepers. The management staff has recently decided to contract an independent consultant to address this issue. This paper includes the findings addressing theories of motivation and how they can be
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The goal setting strategy of specific and achievable task can begin the process of reestablishing a respectful relationship between employee and management staff (Advancing employee productivity, 2010). Furthermore, it is with great awareness that management needs to identify and resolve the understaffed departments, set the specified productive goals, initiate incentive programs and address the issue with the pit boss, John Smith. It is with these adjustments that JC’s Casino and Resort will begin to excel and flourish in the desired capacity.
Occupational Stressors
In relevance to understanding employee retention is identifying occupational stressors and resolution. It is a common misconception that the employment within a state of the art casino, such as JCs is a lavishly exciting and rewarding experience. This working environment has a great deal of stressors that must be identified and steps taken to minimize the effects. The environment within a casino is a fast paced and highly scrutinized. Individuals that venture into a casino come to such establishments for exciting fun and free alcohol. Environments that sell alcohol for onsite consumption can and will produce actions and behaviors that can be hard to tolerate. A dealer in this environment is asked to be friendly, understanding, and alert to their environment, not to mention relieve intoxicated individuals of their money. These variables can create a highly stressful workplace

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