Improving Oneself : I Have Two Brothers Essay

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Improving Oneself I have two brothers. I am a student. I am Indonesian, but I’m currently in the United States for studying purposes. I am enrolled in a community college called DVC and now I have an assignment to write an essay. When I was searching for a topic, I found an interesting comment that said,“Most incompetent people fail to recognize their own inadequacies.”. I can relate to that comment because it describes my childhood well. Let me tell you a story about it.
Indonesian people loves sports. I didn’t. Running around and wasting energy chasing a typical ball was not my thing. I was different from them. They needed each other’s company. They wanted other people’s help. I didn’t. The TV which contained a whole new world was more than enough company. They loved wasting time together, talking about nothing, and spending money on useless merchandises. I didn’t. I was better than them. In school, I didn’t need to worry about my grades. Exams were easy. My classmates had their own way of doing exams though. While one group distracted the teacher, others silently looked at their friend’s answers. They had to rely on each other, especially the smart ones, but I still had better grades than them. I didn’t need to join their groups of friends. I couldn’t hold a conversation with them for more than 5 seconds anyway.
One day, my dad bought me a PS2 because I had good grades. Since I have a lot of spare time, I tried playing it alone. Some of the games were adventure games.…

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