Essay about Improving My Current Eating Habits

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The data told me that I need to improve my current eating habits. My average intake of refined grains was over my recommended amount and my intake of vegetables was very low. I had very little vegetables and did not meet any of the recommended amounts for any of the subgroups in the vegetable category. I didn’t think about how little vegetables I eat until I completed this project and had the data laying out in front of me. The data also told me that my fruit and dairy intake were under the recommended amount. I love fruit, but I did not eat much in the 3-day period that I recorded so I believe that on average my diet contains enough fruit. My dairy intake however is low due to the fact that I don’t care much for milk or other dairy products. I could improve this by I eating more yogurt or some cheese daily. Because much of my diet was not within the recommended amounts, I saw that I was deficient in many things. I also consume more fat in my diet than I should. I realize now that my current eating habits need more attention and I should eat foods that will provide me nutritional value and cover all the food groups while staying within the recommended values. I need a much more balanced diet and healthier diet!

1. What were some of the limitations of the computerized analysis?
Some of the limitations that I ran to was that the software didn’t recognize many brand name food and if it did I couldn’t find the item I was looking for. When logging several of my foods I had to…

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