Improving Knowledge And Educational Skills Essay

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In today’s world, there are emerging trends in technology, which have simplified the way of doing things. Learning has been simplified through use of technology in education. Technology in education helps in improving knowledge and educational skills. The constant and rapid pace of technological changes is creating challenges and opportunities in education. Opportunities include; unlimited access to information, online course-taking, unlimited internet access through mobile phones, conservation of the environment, and personalized learning through digital games. Challenges include; the high speed in technology changes that learning institutions have to race with. It also encourages, laziness in learning, cheating, and scholars may forget the basic way of learning.
Information can easily be accessed. In the past, information would only be accessible if one goes out of his home to places with reading information. Mothers would examine recipes from books followed in libraries. Fathers would buy newspapers to learn new information regarding society, business and economy. Students and teachers spent all evenings in libraries writing academic papers, reports, projects and teaching contents respectively. Today mothers satisfy their need for recipe information through use of available gadgets at their convenient time in their homes. Fathers easily access newspapers from their mobile phones. Students write their academic papers at their homes at their convenient time. Teachers are…

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