Improving Higher Levels Of Education And Training Essay

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One of the key points of The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) 2010 report on the Future of Nursing is advocating that nurses need to achieve higher levels of education and training. This should be a top priority of colleges and universities across the country. One way to ensure that nurses are taking the first step and completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is by eliminating the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) programs. Besides providing a stronger, more diverse background for the nurse, research has shown that BSN level nurses increase patient safety and have more job satisfaction than their ADN colleagues. Due to the increasing demands on the health care field, even more is being asked of nurses, which makes those with a BSN better suited to fill those needs by completing even more schooling and becoming an APRN.
To ensure the delivery of safe, patient-centered care across settings, the nursing education system must be improved. Patient needs have become more complicated, and nurses need to attain requisite competencies to deliver high-quality care…Nurses must achieve higher levels of education and training to respond to these increasing demands. (Institute of Medicine, 2010)
Patient Safety
Patient safety should be the number one goal of every nurse. However, nurses are not equal in their ability to provide safe care. According to Aiken, Clarke, Cheung, Sloane, and Silber (2003) “…altering the educational background of hospital nurses by…

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