Essay on Improving Healthcare Environment : Nursing Practice

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Improvements in Nursing Practice In this ever changing healthcare environment, nurses must be open to innovation and meeting the needs of this challenge. We must, however, not only be open to innovation and change, we must be agents and active participants in the process. As a nurse in the PICU, I was part of a multi-level, multi-faceted team whose primary goal was to provide excellent care for our pediatric patients and families in crisis. The embracing of innovative strategies to improve that care has been slow coming, but there are several state-of-the-art hospitals and institutions that are far above the curve. One such institution is the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota (CHCMN). In a 2006 article Malone, Akre, and Hauck describe several innovative strategies and tools that have been put into place to ensure and engage their staff in what they describe as “an unwavering commitment to knowledge-driven care” (p. 54). Innovation has even been defined as one of the domains in their nursing professional practice model. This model also includes leaders, knowledge seekers and partners in care, all who are integrated with the nurse/patient/family relationship as the central focus. CHCMN has implemented a systemwide initiative whereby the primary goal is to end nurse-to-nurse hostility, and help to build healthy relationships within the nursing profession. They are also working with a Mobile Simulation Center designed to provide continuing education to their…

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