Improving Graduation Rate At Community Colleges Essay

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According to the article "How to Improve Graduation Rate at Community Colleges" by Time Magazine, Just 20 percent of full-time students seeking a degree earned one within three years. This statistic is shocking because this is a very low rate for graduates in community colleges. I am attending community college this year, and I hope to earn my degree within two years. Although college is difficult, I will be successful by seeking advice from experts and by developing some effective study strategies.

College is difficult. I am a first semester student, and I know that I will have many challenges. One challenge is language. I am a foreign student in the United States, and English is not my first language. Understanding what I hear and read is very hard for me. When I am in class, I have to focus intensely. If I do not, I will be lost in a second. Sometimes, I also get upset when people do not understand me. For example, when I asked my math professor about using my personal email to access my math lab he couldn’t understand me. Even when I repeated my question three times, he still looked extremely confused, which completely demoralized me. Luckily, math does not use as much English, and I am good at it. Otherwise, I do not know if I could continue this course. Another challenge is time management because I have to spend more time on my English, so that I can keep up my courses. Also, just as many other, I have a job too. Usually, when I finish my…

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