Improving For The Future : National Center For Higher Education Management Systems

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Improving for the Future
According to the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, without an increase in transfer and degree completion, the United States will fall 16 million degrees short than necessary; therefore, it will be impossible to meet the workforce needs of 2025 (NCHEMS 2). Plenty of students in every state drop out at key transition points along the educational path. California students are not exceptional. A shocking 70% of California’s community college students fail to graduate or transfer (Chen 1). As Santa Monica community college ranks second in the list of top 25 California community colleges and has grown to approximately 34,000 students since 1929, it is essential for the SMC to maintain its reputation and improve transfer and graduation rates (Hosler 1).In order to improve the SMC students` success, changes should be made at the institutional and the student levels. Leaderships of some colleges have been successful at implementing the programs for students` matriculation enhancement. The SMC leadership should lower the counselor-student ratio and create an environment for students` academic and social integration; however, Dr. Gawande`s experience proves that students can achieve success through grit, diligence and intuition.
Academic outcomes of the SMC students should be improved by providing them with enhanced student services. Lowering the counselor-student ratio can enhance the achievements of the SMC students. Ohio’s program, for…

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