Improving Dynamic Decision Making Through Training And Self Reflection

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Sometimes we feel a strong grief of making a wrong decision in the past because we believed we could have decided to go another way or if we could time travel to the past, we would make another choice. However, we could not change what happen in the past, so we should focus on what we can do to avoid the similar mistakes happen again in the future. In the article, Improving dynamic decision making through training and self-reflection, Sarah J. Donovan wrote that when an adult is making a decision, a few factors in his cognitive may influence his decision, and self-reflection is an approach to help him to eliminate these factors during the decision-making process (284-285). Self-reflection offer a method to the decision maker to always place himself into the circumstance and reflect his thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Additionally, the author argues that self-reflection is a significant approach to assist people make a better choice since it helps them to think differently when the situations are distinctive. There are benefits of self-reflection in each step of decision making. In the first step of making a decision, the decision maker should analyze the problem and figure out the outcome of the decision he is going to make, and Self-reflection helps him to realize the advantages and disadvantages of his decision. When the decision maker comes to the point he has to take the action to settle the choice, self-reflection assists him to stop and ask himself that during the…

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