Essay Improving Customer Service

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On-Line Masters of Business Administration

Assignment for course: BUS 576 Training and Development
Submitted to: April Flanagan
Submitted by: Chieoma Shabazz
Location of Course: On-Line
Date of Course Meeting: December 11, 2006
Date of Submission: December 11, 2006
Title of Assignment: Improving Customer Service

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Staff members need to be programmed to identify and handle customer needs and requests in a swift and friendly manner. The question may arise, "How can you work on customer service during difficult economic times?" According to Doug Clark, working on customer service during difficult economic times is actually more important than when the economy is soaring. These are times when workers may be handling increased workloads, salaries are at a standstill and morale is low (2004). There will be no easy instructions for improving customer service. It is proposed that a committee within the agency be established for creating a plan for improving customer service. Members of the committee should be employees who have been recognized in their work units as the most skilled in providing extraordinary customer service (Clark, 2004). The established committee should also be representative of the entire organization. Committees solely comprised of members of management, will greatly reduce the credibility of front-line workers (Clark, 2004). Committee assignments, in most instances, should carry tenure of no more than two years, with half the committee rotating off every year. The reasons for the rotation are to collect new ideas from new participants and to give employees a rest from a specific responsibility. Ad hoc

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