Improving Communication And Stress Management For Better Self Care

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Improving Communication and Stress Management for Better Self-Care

When Alice in Wonderland questioned her direction, the Cat asked her where she wanted to go. “I don’t much care where--, said Alice.” The Cat replied, “then it doesn’t matter which way you go” (Carroll, 2002). Just like Alice, we may not know what we want or where we are going. We may get off track and need help figuring what we need again.
To get us back on the way, we look at ourselves. We find areas needing improvement and set goals to work on these difficulties. Personally, I struggle with sharing my emotions and having open and honest communications with others. In the following paper, I will address my troubles and seek ways to improve them.
Problem Areas:
Following a recent break-up with my boyfriend of four years, I was alerted to areas in my life needing improvement. I had not necessarily seen these weakened parts of myself. I knew I had always been a ‘bottle-up’ kind of person. But I didn’t realize how it had affected my relationships. I have started to recognize how poor of a communicator I am, not only with friends, family, and significant others, but with myself as well. I store emotions within and I believe this leads me to be more stressed.
Keeping myself stress-free is also important to my well-being and health and I want to work on this. I think the way to do it is to come up with a plan that will help me improve my communication with myself and others. I will do this through the use of…

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