Essay about Improving Adherence With Pap Therapy

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Educational interventions: Several studies were reviewed that addressed improving adherence with PAP therapy. These studies represent similarities and differences in approach and outcomes. Aloia et al (2007) compared three different types of interventions to assess for improvement. While Lai, Fong, Lam Weaver and Id (2014) focused on a brief motivational intervention. There were studies that focused on inpatient education and group education. The following is a brief review of the most pertinent studies that will support an evidence based practice (EBP) change project for improving adherence to PAP therapy.
An article by Aloia et al (2007) recognized the need to improve PAP adherence and conducted a brief interventional study comparing standard care (SC) with motivational enhancement therapy (MET) and traditional education (ED). This study included 142 participants with ages ranging from 22-86 years, they were all from 1 center. All the participants were PAP naive, and they excluded patients with previous neurological disorders, psychiatric illnesses, other sleep disorders, congestive heart failure and end stage renal disease. There were steps taken to decrease bias throughout the creation and the analysis of the study. The MET and ED group received two 45 minute face to face therapy sessions beginning one week after the initiation of PAP therapy. The SC group meets with their physician prior to and after diagnosis, with a regular follow up visit scheduled eight to ten…

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