Improving A Positive Atmosphere For Its Sales Force Essay

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Throughout this course we have learned about the Heliotropic Effect, which is that all living systems are attracted to positive energy more than negative energy. In this paper we discuss the challenges Vivint faces in creating and maintaining a positive atmosphere for its sales force. From the perspective of individuals currently and past employed at Vivint. We interviewed and looked for a common problem or frustration that each person expressed. In our findings we came to the understanding that most of the problems revolved around retention and. with retention itself, we found that there were issues in three core areas, job satisfaction, motivation, and leadership. In this paper we explore deeper into how these core issues were the main contributor to employees leaving or being unsatisfied and how vivint can improve retention.
To give Vivint’s retention problem some perspective, every summer a sales team goes out into a new area and will start out with a team size of 50, by the end of the first month there will only be 20-25 sales people left. To add to the previous example when the summer ends of the 20-25 that stayed the whole summer maybe only 5-7 the come back the following year. A huge reason for this is simply that individuals in Vivint’s sales force lack a feeling of job satisfaction.
The lack of job satisfaction leads us into our first core area that resulted in poor retention for Vivint. Lack of job satisfaction stems especially from the inability of…

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