Improving A Higher Level Of Quality Of Education Essay

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Access to information is one of the most important resources to achieve a higher level of quality of education as well as personal and democratic aspects. However, when speaking of access to information is not only about a useful tool for use by those countries that aspire to improve their education level. Speak access to information is also reference to a fundamental right of every citizen.

Part One and Part Two
The Inner Party is the highest position in society they were those belonging to the Inner Party the highest class. They lived in luxury developments isolated from other classes. Their story had all kinds of comforts and even had servants. They had good food and all sorts of vagaries. They could stop being monitored by switching off the telescreen for periods of time. Were the top leaders of the Party .El government was exercised by the Inner Party through control of the masses by constantly monitor them. They controlled all information sources so that modified for them to verify what the Party enunciated. Thus the Party always wore reason. The control over the society carried out by four ministries: Ministry of Truth this ministry is responsible for education, the arts and news. It educated the children taught extreme fanaticism for the Party so that it was his priority. Children came even inform on their parents. They are also inculcated aversion to sex, giving to understand that the only purpose of sex was generally more militant. It is also responsible for…

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