Improving A Healthy Diet And Exercise Essay example

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On average from the twenty-four hours of the time; eight hours are dedicated towards work, another eight hours are dedicated towards sleep, and with the remaining hours left we can use it for personal decisions . Balancing our jobs, our social life, and other special commitments can be difficult for people to pay attention to their health. Living in such a fast-paced environment and performing various tasks does not offer one to have enough time and energy to improve a healthy diet and exercise. For this reason, my organization, Believe & Achieve, proposes to enhance a great interest to work on a process and instill a program at our local communities to invite individuals to prepare themselves and go through a positive life-changing process. We are a nonprofit organization and our main purpose is to help people, specifically those who form the lower and middle class, to promote and focus on one’s well being rather than troubling over financial costs. There are many different ideas that our organization has been forming that we find would benefit the people in our communities. In order for this program to endure, it was necessary to create a survey for us to learn what the responses of each applicant were so we can focus on what is significant –building a healthier lifestyle. We asked the following questions: what gender he or she is, and in what age range do each fall in. We discovered that from the 26 participants, 18 of them were female and the other 8 were male.…

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