Essay on Improving A Diabetic 's Quality Of Life

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Seeking material on programs to educate diabetics, rather it be to increase their quality of life or generalized education for control of their life style habits. Diabetes is a life threaten disease, and without control of their blood sugars can lead to many other issues. Diabetics have to be aware of what they eat, eating patterns, habits, eating times and types of food they eat. Ideas come in many forms and from many different sparks or moments of powerful thoughts. Like something suddenly dawns on someone. In reviewing some different literature on diabetic programs to see what has or has not worked in the past, in hopes of seeing how it was researched and such. Details on literature review, will see, and note how beneficial the programs and ideas may have influenced the diabetics. Next you find a research question and hypothesis.
Research question: How would an educational program for diabetes improve a diabetic 's quality of life?
Hypothesis: Diabetics will have better control of their disease when involved in diabetes education program than when not. One of the literature reviews during the introduction reflects on the fact that 25.8 million people are affected by diabetes (Klein, Jackson, Street, Witacre, & Klein, 2013). Consequently, diabetes can lead to blindness, loss of limbs, neuropathy, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, and poor quality of life (Klein, Jackson, Street, Witacre, & Klein, 2013). As the physicians orders medications such as…

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