Improving A Competitive Advantage Over Rivals Essay

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Implementing information technology resources allows companies to maintain a competitive advantage over their rivals. From basic computer terminals to IP-based telephone systems, information technology is an integral part of most modern business operations. The modern business behavior demands using the convenient tools for being a super mobile and quick. Companies can harness information technology resources to lower their costs. Using IT infrastructure, tasks can be centralized at one location. For example, a large company could centralize their payroll function at one location to lower employee costs. Efficiencies can also be realized by migrating high-cost functions into an online environment. Companies can offer email support for customers that may have a lower cost than a live customer support call. Cost savings could also be found through outsourcing opportunities, remote work options and lower-cost communication options.
There are many information systems such as transaction processing systems (TPS), management information systems (MIS), decision support system (DSS), and executive information systems (EIS), Expert System (ES) etc. Each has a different role in organizational hierarchy and management operations.
Information Systems
Businesses rely on modern information systems to communicate with one another using a variety of physical devices such as hardware , information processing instructions and procedures such software , communications…

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