Improving A City Of Hamilton Essay

1344 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
What can be done to improve a city that has already been developed? This was the question posed to the City of Hamilton in regards how Hamilton, a city that has been forgotten, could be revitalised. The best way to revitalise an area is to make it more accessible. The Light Rail Transit or LRT is key to ensuring Hamilton gets the improvement it needs to have the ability to be a major economic contributor in the future. What the City has proposed is the best way to improve the newly revitalised Hamilton. With a LRT along King connecting Mcmaster to Eastgate, the East and West of Hamilton will be connected in a more efficient way than ever before. Furthermore, with the LRT running along James street the waterfront will be connected to the airport, closing the distance between one end of Hamilton and the other. The LRT will make Hamilton more connectable for all residents and will ensure the city moves forward. Our proposed line along the North Central route is in agreeance with the City’s proposal of James street. We believe this is the best street to connect all of Hamilton.However, we taken a different approach to some of the proposed stops. With an unlimited budget the following paper will discuss our route for the North line for the Hamilton LRT

What is an LRT? A Light Rail Transit is efficient way to get to where you need to go. LRT’s can re-energise a city. With their own track lines, LRT’s do not adhere to the traffic rules of cars, buses or streetcars as…

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