Improvements For Facebook Networking : An Essential Part Of A Balanced Communications And Networking Diet

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Improvements for Facebook Networking

In this written essay a vast evaluation is done of using social media in today’s society; this study is carried out taking many sources in to consideration. Social media was introduced in 1997 by a website called, “Six Degrees” which it enabled its uses to upload a profile and make friends with other users. Since then the concept of Internet social networking and connecting uses has grown into a multibillion dollar industry; creating Facebook one of the leaders of the market players owing 18% of the market share and having over 1.5 million active users (Chaffey, Global social media research summary 2016). Social media are an essential part of a balanced communications and networking diet.

With technology becoming an indispensable part of life computers and smart devices are some of a modern kid`s early childhood toys, having access to the internet since early childhood teenagers have a tendency to have Facebook profiles. There are enough and more instances where Facebook had misled students in middle school by enhancing their knowledge in a unalike manner than the 90`s children . In an article published by the Scholastic Choices, Beth Yohe, an associate director for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) stated that "You don 't see the impact of what you write," as a class of middle school teenagers had commented on…

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