Improvement Plan For Leadership Skills Essay

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Improvement Plan for Leaders
When having an opportunity to improve one’s leadership skill, a person has to be open to understanding what perspective needs to change. Dealing with change can be challenging but well rewarded when leadership improvements are applied correctly. The two opportunities that seem to be important, in the leadership skills development class, to accomplish a will developed team is to lead a group as a servant leader and developing traits within a person’s team.
Servant Leader
Leadership comes when one is able to create a healthy environment, empower others, and leader by example. The more information one has to understand leadership the further one will be able to go in one’s career. Leadership is not easy, a person has to have the ability to direct a group of individuals with different personalities to agree on one common goal. When absorbing distinct leadership types the one style of management that stand out would by servant leadership. Servant leadership can be described as a leadership theory that helps empower a group of people to become a dynamic team. Become a servant leader is not easy, one has to have the capability of putting ones teams needs first. The arrogance and hidden agendas need to be put away when trying to be a serving leader. The five-step of being a servant leader according to Jennings and Stahl-Wert are, “Run to great purpose, upend the pyramid, raise the bar, blaze the trail, and build on strength” (pg104, 2003).…

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