Improper Implantation Case Study

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The patient has been diagnosed with a malfunctioning penile implant. He had an inflatable implant inserted three years prior to this surgery. It malfunctioned because either the balloon or reservoir was leaking fluid. The fluid leak can occur in any part of the prosthesis, this type of complication could occur following surgery. This can be due to improper implantation of the prosthesis or a defect in the product. This will require that the implant be replaced by the surgeon. Improper implantation is just one complication that occurs with a penile implant. Other problems can include tubing kinks, aneurysm, and lack of dilation of the cylinders, silicone spillage, and loss of rigidity, breakage of the wire, erosion of the reservoir, spontaneous inflation/deflation, penile curvature and pump reservoir migration. Medications could help with erectile dysfunction, however surgery is considered to be a last resort. Erectile dysfunction occurs more frequently in the United States because the life expectancy is rising. According to Brosman, it mostly affects males that are 65 years and older. There are different causes of erectile dysfunction. The nerves of the penis could be damaged by a pelvic surgery. For example, a prostatectomy can lead to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is essentially a vascular disease. Other known causes of …show more content…
In males, smaller blood vessels in the extremities and the penis are the first parts in the body that have poor circulation due to vessel damage. According to the UK Health care, “Studies estimate vascular diseases may be responsible for causing erectile dysfunction in as many as 50 to 70 percent of men who develop the condition.” Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of heart disease since it is usually caught first. If however males are experiencing erectile dysfunction they should then seek medical attention to check for any problems with cardiovascular

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