Essay On Improper Evaluation

“Many of our children today suffer from a Learning disability that disables the child from learning how too properly write/read/or speaks. For children with the disability, their peers sometimes be little them making it hard for the child to learn. Improper evaluation has led to the advancement of the disorders in our children. The research I conducted was to see the effects of improper evaluation on children. My research proyed that improper evaluation at schools causes advancement in the disability. A 15 percent of children all over the world suffer from a learning disability. A learning disability is a neurological disorder where the person’s brain is “wired” differently/incorrectly. Learning disabilities include ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and many others. Many discriminate people with disabilities because they feel that the, affected the child is less than them (inferior to them.) Children with learning disabilities must be evaluated in school to prevent the advancement of the learning disability. Learning Disabilities worsen as the …show more content…
Learning disabilities are made known present by noticing changes in intelligence, and school performance. In many cases the student with a learning disability might show the skills of creativity and intelligence, but if properly evaluated you will see their struggle in certain assignments of reading, writing and math. The proper evaluation for the affected child is necessary because often disabilities cause frustration and anger in our children. Undiagnosed children who suffer a disability will state that they hate school, this happens when the child notices they cannot socialize or function as others. School physiologists can provide the proper testing for our children, but at times they fail to provide proper evaluation. If the child does not receive the proper evaluation, this can lead to long term learning and communicating

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