Imprisoning Women : The Unintended Victims Of Mass Imprisonment

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Final Exam Essay
Chesney-Lind: “Imprisoning Women: The unintended Victims of Mass Imprisonment”: What are some key issues affecting women in prison and what do you think can be done to address these?
Summary: When prisoners are mentioned the first thing that comes to people’s mind (myself included) is a violent male who has to be behind bars because of their dark past, people rarely have the thought of a female offender and it makes it seem like punishments and reformations are made for the male folks only because they are the ones who are mostly and likely to break rules. In the past especially the last century,all the states in this country incarcerated less number of women but recently the number has seemed to increased way above the unprecedented number of men. Because of this the number of women incarcerated in the United States is ten times greater than the number of women incarcerated in all of Western Europe, this is despite the fact that Western Europe and United States are roughly equivalent in terms of population. Women prisoners has always been ignored because of their small number and they tend to complain not riot which make institutions to overlook their unique needs, in the 1970’s only few of the states and territories had separate prisons for women and those who did not have housed women inmates in male facilities or in women’s facilities in their neighboring states. At things began to change and because states have to cope with the soaring increases in the…

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