Imprisoned By King Minos Of Crete Essay

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Imprisoned by King Minos of Crete, Daedalus decided that he and his son would soon escape. So he began to work on an invention that would set them both free from their capturers. After evaluating their situation in Crete, Daedalus soon realized that there was no other way to escape other than by air. Daedalus created two pairs of functioning wings made with feathers and wax. He gave his son, Icarus, a pair and warned him not to fly too close to the sun. After a while in the sky Icarus became too excited and forgot his father’s warning flying closer and closer to the sun. His wings began to melt from the extreme heat and he started to fall from the sky to his death in the now named “Icarian Sea.” The reason I bring up this story is to show the how happy and free Icarus was for a moment but ignoring reality and what “could be” he fell from the sky and reality struck soon after with his death. In John Updike’s poem “Ex-Basketball Player” we are introduced to the world of Flick Webb and his life. We get a brief description of his area, then we are introduced to him and his current situation, reading further we learn of Flick’s past as a high school basketball star, and how it all changed.
“Ex-Basketball Player” is written in blank verse which is a poem with no rhyme scheme but does have iambic pentameter. The poem contains five stanzas and in each stanza there are six lines, each telling the life of Flick Webb from his prime in high school to his fail from stardom soon after.…

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