Impressionism And Surrealism : Visual Arts Essay

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Humans are complex beings that are always trying to progress onward, whether it would be through physical strength or through self-expression. To be human, there is a craving for something more and something that can move themselves from where they are to elsewhere. They can move forward, to the left or the right. They also could go up or diagonally, taking any and all chance they can to keep moving. The fact is they must use what they have learned from those before them to progress on. They also are influenced by their current environments that help dictate which direction they will be taking. In this small essay, the time periods of impressionism and surrealism will be used to showcase the humans ' power to create something new from the old, through visual arts.

Visual arts invoke emotions that can lead to new ideas or can be a source of inspiration to create a variation of the source. Impressionism led paintings to be created in open air, where the painter would seek to capture the fleeting moments of life as they saw it, shifting and changing colors even as they paint. They sought to take in as much as they could through their eyes and put it down on their canvas, leading to rapid and loose brushstrokes. It was a counter culture to the rigid artwork Académie des Beaux-Arts, which called for constricted and realistic paintings of historical subjects and religious themes. This counter culture was motivated from the French revolution and during the reconstruction of…

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