Do The Right Thing Spike Lee Analysis

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Many movie directors want to create highly successful films to become famous and rich, regardless of the message that their films convey, what is most important nowadays is if the movie will do great in box office. Spike Lee, however, had the desire to create a film that would infuse a dose of reality in the teapot of the film industry. The cruel reality that is what minorities know as daily life. And, there could not have been a better person to complete this task, since Spike Lee himself grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Spike created a masterpiece, a timeless film that even though it was made more than twenty-seven years ago as of today, it continues to be relevant, for several important causes. Spike Lee’s directing style in Do The Right Thing is nearly unmatchable, as one of the first successful colored directors Lee managed to create a unique and vibrant style. The use of repetition, odd camera angles, colorfulness, everyday life situations the average person could relate to. Lee can be considered an auteur director in this film, due to the fact that the film is unique in many ways. Lee uses slanted camera angles when arguments start to get …show more content…
Undoubtedly the most prominent exhibition of injustice happened near the ending of the movie, when innocent Radio Raheem is killed by the hands of police officers. But what gave the officers the right to kill Radio Raheem? What were Radio Raheem’s crimes? Police prejudice, injustice, and brutality were combined in that scene to show how the life of an innocent man can be terminated without justification, just as it keeps occurring. An FBI report shows that at least twelve thousand people were killed by the police between 2008 and 2012, police brutality is far from over and that is one of the main reasons Spike Lee’s movie still hits home in today’s

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