Important Than The Content Within The Pipe Essay

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important than the content within the pipe” (Siemens) basically saying that in an environment like today’s schooling where we have to learn new material fast, we need to start changing how we deliver the information to the students in a way that can be quicker than a lecture but still offer retention. This is where and why video games become important. As we saw in Bavelier’s Ted Talks video, video games can promote improvements in the mind when played in reasonable time frames on a regular schedule. As we saw in her experiments with the people who participated, the improvements they made were “still there five months after having done the training” (Bavelier) showing video games can offer extensive retention of the information they provide. At the end of her video she did admit that it would be hard to mix games with concepts like education, but that it could be done. To show how it can let’s look at an example of a successful integration between classroom curriculum and video game using a more connectivist way of thinking.
In the classroom projects can be hard to get done Especially when you count in the cost for supplies, time needed to get the project going, and making sure the students know what to do for the project. This is one of the biggest reasons why video games can be a benefit in the classroom especially with how fast we need to learn material today and for some schools this is with shortened class times. Nick Dekanter explores the idea of gaming in the…

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