Essay on Important Peace Conferences Since The French Revolution

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There have been three important peace conferences since the French Revolution: the Congress of Vienna (1815), the Peace talks at Versailles after World War One, and the Grand Alliance conferences during and after World War Two. The goals and the principles of each of these conferences were similar, as were their successes and failures. Despite this, one of these conferences was more successful than the others. When the delegates met at the Congress of Vienna they had two major goals: to fashion a general peace settlement about what to do about France after the revolution, and to “raise a number of formidable barriers against renewed French aggression”. This conference was caused by the French Revolution, after the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte. The powers of Europe known as the Quadruple Alliance (Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Great Britain) had indeed defeated France and confirmed their dedication to keeping France in line. Many other international conflicts existed however over France, and thus the allies agreed to meet. The allies were more motivated by self-interest and traditional ideas toward the moderation of France. The Great Powers (Austria, Prussia, Britain, Russia, and France) used the balance of power to settle the disputes between them, in terms that each of them should receive a piece of French territory. This system of peace established in the Congress was an important step toward the future cooperation of European powers by using a more practical method…

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