Important Parts Of Nature Of Human Consciousness Essay

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Water, air, mountains, rivers, plants, microorganisms, animal and so on are important parts of nature. Human consciousness is the highest natural product development. So more and more people do not pay attention to resource conservation and protection of animal and plant. And hundreds of thousands of animal and plants in nature completely disappeared. Later authorities started to promulgate relevant laws and regulations to protect the rare animal and plant. Rare animal is an endangered animal, rare animal is the object of the national key protected all over the world, and they are a precious and irreplaceable, non renewable natural resources. Rare animal plays an important role in maintaining ecological balance, promoting the development of social economy, meet the growing material and cultural needs and the development of foreign relations, improve the socialist spiritual civilization.

As we know, the animal is divided into birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. Usually, different kinds of animal life in a different environment, but their living environment have a common characteristic is the natural protection areas they live in remote areas. But now more and more people cut down trees to build houses, because people do not protect the natural environment, so the rare animal has become less and less. The living environment is destroyed, some animal died, and some survivors were forced to flee to a nearby animal place to live. Then some people put those animal caught…

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