Important Essay: Why Is Creativity Important?

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What is creativity?:
As you return home from work you realize you have nothing to eat home and can’t stand another dollar menu meal from McDonalds. Walking through the grocery store in the frozen aisle you pick out your favorite chicken stir-fry. As you warm up your meal do you even wonder how we came up with frozen foods? Someone must have thought of this idea. This individual must have been creative. Creativity, a term that is so commonly heard in everyday language. When creativity is thought of it is imaged to be simply utilized in the arts, but that is not a factual statement. Many questions arise when the topic of creativity comes up in conversations. Some say creativity is creating new information, others say its original art, but what really is creativity? Creativity can be found in various forms of life, it is not limited to
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Because we so many things are changing around us in this world, many new techniques are needed to keep with these changes. This is where creativity becomes essential in our society. Over time creative people have created everything that we know today. Going back to the example given at the start of this essay. Creativity could be something as simple as having convenient food or if could something necessary like the advanced homes we live in. Creativity, “it is bringing something into the world that is relatively new and possibly revolutionary in its wide circle of effects.” (Dimock, 1986).Creative people have shaped the way society has developed over time. The Five Factor Theory and The Learning Theory:
Since so many different theories exist about creativity, it is important to take one point of view at a time. Two of the major contributors of creativity are the trait perspective and the learning perspective. Following, creativity will be explained through these two perspectives. The trait perspective focuses on basic traits that are innate in everyone and leads to a development of one’s

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