Essay on Important Elements Of Managing A Classroom

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The Learning Environment There are many important elements involved in managing a classroom. Two of the most important elements in managing a classroom are discipline and management itself. The way in which students are disciplined has changed a great deal over the past few years and the way that classroom management is look at has changed along with it. It is important to note that education has undergone a great many changes. The changes in education appear to be ongoing. Teachers today must understand the newest theories regarding discipline, management, and how students misbehave so that they can combat it in the classroom. Discipline use to be thought of in another way, and the old way was a little harsher when seen in the light of day. Charles (2014) points out that there is an old definition of discipline is known as “coercive discipline,” in which teachers would treat offenses as crimes and punish students in a harsh manner for each offense (p. 20). The above type of discipline would result in fear of the teacher and their punishments. Charles (2014) goes on to point out that today’s teacher discipline’s in a manner called “modern discipline,” and that this method is defined as: “One in which you use organization, communication, and personal influence to foster proper behavior. In this newer approach based on positive influence, misbehavior is thought of as student mistakes, and discipline is thought of as teacher help” (p. 20). The two methods are different and…

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