Important Cases of the Us Supreme Court Essay examples

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Important Cases of the US Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court has interpreted the constitutional guarantees contained in amendments to the constitution. Among these Guaranteed rights are the freedoms of religion, speech, and press, along with the right of protection against illegal search and seizure, equal protection under the law, and the right to counsel. These rights all contained in the first amendment to the constitution are arguably the most important rights guaranteed to citizens of the United States. However these rights are not absolute. Throughout the course of time many controversies have occurred concerning the limitation of rights. Many of these controversies have called upon the Supreme Court to evaluate the
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Because of this case it is now established that governmental law precedes religious law.

Another important case recently involved the right of protection against illegal search and seizure. In T.L.O. v. New Jersey two girls were caught smoking cigarettes in the bathroom of a New jersey high school. Being searched revealed cigarettes, marijuana, large amounts of cash, and records indicating the sale of marijuana on one of the girls. The girl was convicted of drug charges but her lawyer argued she was searched illegally. This case was another example of the limitation of rights. The issue in this case was the right of protection against illegal search and seizure versus the need of the school system to create and maintain a safe learning environment. According to law a law official must establish "probable cause" before a search can take place.
However in a public school setting school officials operate under "reasonable suspicion" this was established because of the school's responsibility to provide a safe learning environment. This case upheld the schools right to search under the cause of reasonable suspicion. Schools now currently operate under reasonable suspicion.

Finally the case of Schenck v. United States is considered one of the most important cases in United States history. This case dealt with the Guarantee of free speech and how it is limited. In 1919 Schenck, the general secretary of

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