Important Cases Of American Society Essay

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Important Cases in American Society For the past 200 years the United States has been governed through a written document, The United States Constitution. Under the Constitution, we have three branches of government. The branch that deals with the constitutional issues is the Judicial Branch. In the beginning, the judicial branch wasn 't seen as very important because the constitution was so new that no one needed to go against it. Since we have evolved tremendously from when the constitution was first written we are beginning to have more people questioning it. Many significant cases have helped change America into the country we are today including gay marriage being allowed in every state and schools being able to control what can be stated in school. First, we begin with a pretty significant court case involving the Hazelwood School District and a student named Cathy Kuhlmeier. This case began in Missouri at Hazelwood East High School in May of 1983. A few students in a journalism class wrote a few articles for the school newspaper. Principal Reynolds found two of the articles to be very inappropriate and he ordered that they be taken out of that weeks paper. The articles taken out had involved teen pregnancy and the issue of divorced parents. Not only did they discuss the topics, but the students called pregnant girls in the school out and in the divorced parents article they had talked about certain parents and people they knew. Principal Reynolds thought these…

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