Essay on Important Aspects Of Doing Business

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This paper will focus on important aspects of doing business in Brazil. Some of the subjects that will be included are: general information about the country, the culture of the country, and the appropriate business etiquette to use while conducting business in Brazil. All of this information will make it easier to familiarize doing business in Brazil.
General Information
Brazil is located in eastern South America and it borders the Atlantic Ocean. It is the largest country in South America and it shares common boundaries with every South American country aside from Ecuador and Chile. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia, which is located somewhat close to the middle of the country. The climate in Brazil is mostly tropical but, moderate in the south ("World", n.d.).
The most common and the official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Some other languages spoken in Brazil are: Spanish, Italian, Japanese, German, English, and a large number of various Amerindian languages ("World", n.d.).
The July 2015 estimation for Brazil was 204,259,812. The largest ethnic group in Brazil is white at 47.7%. Mulatto comes in very close at 43.1%. Black at 7.6%, Asian comes in at 1.1%, and indigenous at around 0.4% according to a 2010 estimate ("World", n.d.).
The religions of Brazil are many, though the majority of them fall under Catholicism/Christianity. The most prominent religious affiliation is Roman Catholic at 64.6% followed by Protestant at 22.2%. There are many levels of…

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