Importance Of Zebrafish Brain, Specifically The Hindbrain Essay

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Title: The importance of GLUT2 in zebrafish brain, specifically the hindbrain.
Glucose which is the main source of energy for many organisms uptake is facilitated by diffusion mediated by a family of glucose transporters (GLUTs). GLUTS are integral membrane proteins that contain 12 membrane-spanning helices with the amino and carboxyl termini exposed to the cytosol. Each glucose transporter inform plays a specific role in glucose metabolism as determined by its pattern of tissue expression, substrate specificity, transport kinetics, and regulated expression under physiological conditions .GLUT2 is expressed in numerous mammal tissues, predominantly in the pancreas, small intestine and kidney.1 GLUT2 has been found to have a much higher affinity for glucosamine than for glucose and other transport sugars such as fructose, mannose, and galactose. 1,2 In mammals, GLUT2 is involved in both glucose uptake and glucose release in the blood and in the plasma membrane of pancreatic β- cells. GLUT2 catalyzes the first step in glucose- stimulated insulin secretion, GLUT2 also control counter regulation, food intake, and stimulation of glucose uptake by peripheral tissue. GLUT2 is required in other glucose-sensing units, in particular those in the hepatoportal vein, the hypothalamus, hindbrain and brain stem. These glucose-sensing units are involved in the control of counter-regulation, food intake and stimulation of glucose uptake by peripheral tissues3
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