Importance Of Yoga Essay

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Practice Yoga for Healthy Body and Mind
Yoga is not only one of the fastest growing health practices in the world, but also an essential part of spa menus across the countries today. The basic aim of Yoga is to promote health and prevent diseases by experiencing union and a sense of oneness with the self. Learning proper breathing techniques is the key to Yoga practice. As we breathe fully, more oxygen intake is supplied to every cell and part of the body. This helps to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. So everyone should practice Yoga for healthy body and mind.
The roots of Yoga can be traced 5000 years back, when the ancient Hindu sages would practice Yoga to achieve enlightenment. Though the origins of Yoga are as old as the Indus Valley civilization, what we practice today was derived from the translation of Sanskrit texts by “Patanjali’, the Indian yogi who lived around 300 B.C. In Sanskrit, ‘Yuja’ means to join or weld together. Just as two pieces of metal are welded together to become one, similarly, the philosophy of Yoga is to unite the consciousness (spirit) of the
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To maintain this balance, the yogis devised an eight-fold path, also called as “Eight-limbed Yoga”. Now a day it becomes very essential that you practice Yoga for healthy body and mind. Patanjali’s writing becomes the basis to promote inner strength and happiness. The Eight Limbs are Yama (The five ‘abstentions’ – non-violence, non-lying, non-covetousness, non-sensuality and non-possessiveness); Niyama (The five ‘observances’ – purity, contentment, austerity, study, and surrender to god); Asana (different seating positions used for meditation); Pranayama (control of the life force or breath); Pratyahara (withdrawal of the sense organs from external objects); Dharana (Concentration); Dhayana (Meditation); and Samadhi (the ultimate goal which merges consciousness with the object of

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