Customer Service Strategies

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Task 1.
Provide a detailed written response outlining the process you would follow to undertake this task?
In writing a customer service strategy there is a lot of thinking involved which is critical to the development of a strong service culture. First step along the way will be to define the customer service mission, this will define the short term and long term goals that needs to be followed across the organisation to fulfil the company’s objectives. I will study the customers and see what they expect from the organisation regarding their needs and wants. What problems can they encounter and are they solvable by the customer service representatives. For this past data of customer interactions will be analyzed. I will define goals for
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• All feedbacks should be properly documented, analyzed and any actions taken should also be mentioned on the working papers.
Develop customer service standards that you would like to implement
Includes procedures for implementation of each standard
Covers a process for handling grievances and complaints
Identifies the required resources
In the achieving of high quality service standards, the following should be adopted.
• The work hours of front line staff should be done as per customer’s needs.
• Service promises to customers should be unambiguous and clear,
• The power to resolve customers’ issues should be placed at the front line along with quick information processes, in effect all the customer representatives should have access to relevant information.
• Equal of service should be provided to all the customers and all complaints and concerns should be handled in an unbiased manner to achieve equal levels of satisfaction across different types of customers.
• Targets should be achievable, relevant and linked to improvement of customer’s service.
• The processes should be streamlined and free of
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• All employees should be provided appropriate training in the delivery of services, criteria should be developed in organizational hierarchy in the customer support department.
• The customer service requirements should be backed by latest technology infrastructure.
• The services should be efficient and accessible to the customer, easily approachable to all the customers across the board.
• The mechanism of interaction with the customer should be tailored to the needs of different types of customers in language and ethical conduct.
• The service supply should be organized to reduce transferring to other departments and demand should be analyzed to efficiently transfer resources to them and reduce wait times.
• Solutions for the customers when service delivery fails should be clear and unambiguous.
• The services should be designed in a way to have room for improvement and evolution through feedback and experience of the customer services staff.
• The process of transferring solution should be flexible enough so that It can be handled by staff using rational approach but not very loose to avoid deregulation of

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