Writing 39 A Reflection Essay

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Writing 39 A is an important class, which designed to help students better analyze and understand various academic texts, the skill, which would be later essential in their future careers. I believe that this course has helped me a lot. I think my language style has improved and I started to write my texts better and clearly.
One of the most important things that I have learnt in Writing 39 A class is the importance of the word choice. This class made me notice in how many different ways the writer can state their idea. The word choice is very important part of any writing, because it helps to create the specific writer’s rhetoric tone and specific mood of text. The reader will react differently to the author’s thesis depending in which words
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The author should create a specific ethos, writing atmosphere, while addressing a specific audience. The writer should use different language, sentence structures and tone while addressing to the different audience. I tried to create a specific ethos while I was writing Essay 2, “How to Read” Intro Study Guide for future Writing 39 A student. I started that essay by stating that I am former Writing series student myself to create a trusting atmosphere with a reader and state my understanding of the topic and authority. I even shared my first impressions of the course with the reader by writing:” What are you saying? You are not that excited about it, as I described? No worries! I should tell you the truth! I was not that eager to take this course …show more content…
Because, actually, I had heard many scary rumors about that class as, probably, you did” to show that I know how they feel. I also appealed to the student’s everyday life in my essay by stating that:” Quiet and peaceful atmospheres include, but not limit to: your dorm room, Starbucks and Anteatery. It is a great idea to take a marker, pen and a cup of coffee there with you”. These skills of creating an ethos and using rhetoric will help in my future writing career to write clearly and appealing for the specific audience. I hope this skill will help me to better address the academic audience and write texts that would be easy to

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