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Should employers look at potential employees’ education or experience first?. This question seems to be one of the argumentive questions that is hard to be answered. Some people finish the high school and move to college, while others end the studying life and start the new experience, the work experience. Companies always seek to hire qualified employees. Although some people believe that the level of education should be the first factor that qualify you to get a job, I think work experience is more important, not only because a degree is no longer enough, but also because of the great opportunity that non-educational person will have.

Some people believe that experience does not necessarily provide the skills you need for the next job you will has. It is true, but the idea of experience is not where or what kind of experience you
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Although universities build critical skills few of them can prepare students for real time challenges. College teaches you the technical and the principle of your does not teach you the practical part. People with no work experience struggles in the real life. They have lock of communication skills, also, on problem-solving. Another reason why work experience should be first is because of the opportunities that non-educational person will have. A lot of students with high school or two year college degree face problem to have a job. Not going to college should not be a reason to remove a person from a competition .colleges are not cheap, they need money. If the job seeker has the work experience, he shows that he has learnt and had done the job in the same time. He shows that even if he could not go to college, he has the passion to learn from his High Fliers Research Managing Director Martin Birchall said to the Huffington Post: “work experience is now just as important as a college degree”

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