The Significance Of Women In The Twenty First Century

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The Significance of Women

The role of women in society has changed a great deal in western society throughout the history of the modern age. However, has it changed for the better? Are there countries in which women are not free to make their own decisions and be independent? What is the state of the modern woman today and how has this position changed throughout the twentieth and now into the twenty first century? First all, Western women do have the advantages of modernization and independent living. Women in many other cultures are still behind in so many ways, which is why many women migrate to Europe and America for all of the advantages and freedom they desire to have in life. Moreover, the history of
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Today’s woman is still struggling to get past many issues such as sexism and equal pay for equal work in the work place making women significant to getting the job done. However, women have become very important to modern society. Today’s woman can be anything she wants to be in western culture. Changing the role for the woman completely from the early twentieth century where she had no voice. Now she is the voice for her family in some cases.

Women are running more companies and winning in political positions today as women significant to the glue of society. Women are now challenged with keeping old role models alive and initiating the working woman’s winning battle. As women we are expected to do much more in today’s society. Women have come a long way but there is still much more to bring down from the past as women come forward in their roles in society. In places such as the Middle East Women have even come forward but their roles are still diminished instead of being women significant and different than their mothers and

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